Harmonic loading & power factor correction

Using power factor correction units & harmonic filtration ensures cost effective, clean power into your business.

Keece supply and install Power Factor Correction (PFC) units and additional harmonic mitigation techniques to reduce energy consumption, energy demand and the associated costs of poor quality power supply. Resulting in substantial financial savings in energy costs and prolonging asset life.

So why are you likely paying for power that you don’t use?

Electricity supply tariffs for commercial and industrial businesses throughout most Australia states is now based on kVA demand (Reactive power) and not just kW usage (real power).

kVA demand is created by some equipment and technology assets to operate successfully by creating a magnetic field on startup or standby. This additional draw of power – although critical for successful operation, is not consumed by the asset in question. Thus a difference between real power consumed (kW) and required for operation (kVA) is created. The difference between kW and kVA is known as “Power Factor”.

A poor power factor (wide gap between reactive and real power, technically expressed as a factor between 0 <> 1) can be addressed relatively quickly and inexpensively by installing a power factor correction (PFC) unit. PFC units are essentially capacitor banks that store reactive power and provide additional load as required. Thus eliminating spikes of drawing additional power from the network.

Installing PFC units can provide huge savings and advantages:

Once implemented PFC units can provide huge financial and environmental benefits including:

  • direct financial savings on energy bills (you can save up to 20% on power costs)
  • environmental benefits (you will use less energy therefore consume less carbon)
  • increase the longevity of your electrical assets
  • reduced maintenance costs in electrical infrastructure
  • gaining clear insight into future energy consumption through PFC unit monitoring
  • ongoing visibility into energy quality and usage


Keece have implemented successful power factor correction across over 200 sites including:



Slash your overheads and maximise the life of your assets

Keece can provide an onsite consultation and a complete power quality assessment across your electrical infrastructure. This process includes:

  • An energy efficiency audit and power analysis
  • Voltage, harmonic and power quality analysis and assessment 

  • Accurate measurement and impartial evaluation of your electrical infrastructure

  • Independent, obligation free, numerical analysis of your power supply

From this audit we will provide you obligation free advice and consultation on any corrective actions and a proposal for installation of any PFC units or alternatives required.power factor correction assessment request