Great AV Installations don't happen by accident

Whether an upgrade of your existing AV platform or starting from scratch integrating AV into the design of your new flexible workspace project, the Keece Technologies team will ensure your hardware and technology operates seamlessly inline with your budget and communication objectives. 

Get a partner that can provide an end-to-end AV Solution designed to your requirements:

  • Consultation, planning and design
  • Construction and Integration
  • Commissioning and Training
  • Service & Support

Correct Planning, Design and Consultation is Critical

Creating a seamless design for your AV installation requires consideration and alignment with your: 

  • workspace layout (existing or proposed)
  • acoustical requirements
  • privacy needs
  • lighting (blinds and dimmers)
  • aesthetics and corporate brand
  • timeline and financial budget
AV Technologies Design expertise

Integrated Into Your Construction Program

No matter the complexity of your projects, with over fifteen years of experience, we have an intimate understanding of the regulations, building codes, building management and additional stakeholder coordination required to complete your projects on time and on budget. 

Get advice, consultation and experiance on your team, installating AV technologies and electrical infrastructure into exceptional workspaces and commercial buildings to make them operate seemelessly is what Keece do. 

Keece can show you that by integrating AV into your initial office design and build will create considerable cost savings than installing the infastructure and assets post project.


Commissioned and Trained to Your Requirements

AV Technologies units
AV Technologies Meeting Room setup

Our commissioning process involves testing and fine-tuning every component in your audio-visual installation, ensuring the system’s functionality, and ensuring that all audio, video, and control elements are integrated and operating effortlessly. 

Our integrators will work closely with you to tailor your unique requirements and communication/display needs to achieve exceptional audio clarity, stunning visuals, and an intuitive user experience.

Hands-on training sessions with key members of your team covering all aspects of the system’s operation. Whether it’s understanding the control interface, managing content sources, or utilising advanced features, our training will equip your team with the confidence and expertise to use your AV platform “out of the box” and capitalise on your audio-visual investment.

Our AV Technologies Team don't just do rooms!

Rapidly becoming the new poster/billboard, digital video signage installations are now completly, remotley monitored and managed, providing you instant access to your AV display assets for instant branding, signange and customer sales displays. Displays can also be programmed/scheduled as needed based on time of day, event, preprogramed schedule etc. 

Interactive screen av install

Create visually dynamic and audio-responsive interactive displays in your reception, training rooms, boardroom or sales areas with an easy-to-use dynamic interactive video wall. 

These units can allow for all sorts of interactive engagement with your customers and employees.  

For the large organisation with office and remote teams, the Townhall meeting represents that rare oppertunity for management to meet and connect with all employees, aligning them with the strategy and culture of an organisation. 

Don’t let the perception of your culture be impacted by a poor townhall delivery due to issues in your audio and video system. 

AV Technologies within a townhall area

Ensure the design, accoustics and visuals are perfect for your next town hall meeting and that the AV system (equipment) is fit for intent and works seemlessly throughout your hosting environment.

Our AV team can show you how.  

MATV Installation into sports and bar area

Bring dynamic content and structure to the AV installations throughout your facility/facilities. 

We can show you how to integrate and manage a database of AV assets for integrated, independant, seemless control. 

Make your office environment not only warm and comforting but interesting, automated and engaging with area mangement sensing. These systems can be further enhanced by integrating smart lighting, smart switching and all facets of automation in your work space environment including:

  • Wayfinding and hot desk mapping
  • blinds 
  • ceiling and floor strip lighting
  • hidden assets (screens, projectors, speakers and the like)
  • HVAC units

Design, Construct, Commissioning, Training and Support

Get your AV Project done right

Together, we will make your audiovisual project a success! 

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