Commercial Lighting Installers

Commercial lighting installers and lighting maintenance on demand!

The lighting of your facilities can dramatically impact the perception and mood or your workforce and customers. The fine line between style, ambiance, energy efficiency and cost can be the difference between a successful commercial lighting installation and a costly mistake.

When selecting your commercial lighting installers or maintenance partner – experience counts

Our team has over ten years experience consulting, designing, installing and maintaining commercial lighting installations for retail, distribution centers, warehousing and office environments. Our experienced commercial lighting installers, backed up by our estimators, project managers and support team ensure each and every light job is delivered on time and budget.

In partnership with our lighting suppliers, we’ve invested heavily in new technology matching lighting performance with environmental needs. Sensors, timers, LED, IoT and the evolving requirement to integrate with building management systems emphasise the importance of selecting the right commercial lighting installers for your project.

Office Lighting Installations

Retail and Showroom Lighting Installations

Warehouse, Factory and High Bay Lighting Installations

Custom Lighting Installations

Our team offer the full range of commercial lighting installation and lighting maintenance services including:

  • High bay lighting
  • Retail showroom, and retail window lighting
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Down lights, spotlights and fluorescent lights
  • Fluorescent lighting to LED upgrades
  • Emergency evacuation lighting
  • Controlled lighting installation and programming
  • Retail display rolllouts
  • Outdoor (carpark) and public area lighting

Why select Keece as your commercial lighting installers and maintenance team:

The correct commercial lighting installation create optimal working environment

  1. Get your quote back fast – and we stick to it!
  2. You get a single contact person allocated to your project or account
  3. Our maintenance team can be onsite within 2 hours guaranteed!
  4. Throughout the project, we’ll provide communication and feedback at every stage of the process
  5. You get peace of mind that once the project commences it will be done to budget.
  6. Australian standard commercial lighting installations and accredited materials suppliers.
  7. Lifetime workmanship guarantee.
  8. 12 months free routine maintenance*