Retrofitting & Upgrading Outdoor Signage to LED

The how to of upgrading outdoor signage to LED

Over recent months we have been engaged across multiple programmed rollouts for upgrading outdoor signage to LED. In both instances the existing signage illumination was nearing end of life. It was starting to cost considerable expense in repairs, and maintenance call outs. To eliminate this growing expense, and maintain their branding throughout our customers engaged Keece to upgrade the signage to LED.

Working closely with our customers, their onsite contacts, our LED supplier, and our technician team, we’ve coordinated the rollout across multiple sign configurations and geographically dispersed stores located throughout Australia with each project completed on time and budget.

The reasoning to upgrade outdoor signage to LED is now common knowledge:

  •  Dramatically reduced maintenance costs

LED signs typically have a life-cycle expectancy of 100,000 hours. To give some perspective, based on 12 hours per day of illumination this would equate to a life expectancy of over twenty years. In contrast, traditional fluorescent tubes have a  10,000 hours or 2 year life expectancy.

The big money saving is the number of callouts. When compared to traditional signage, LED has far fewer operating parts. This directly impacts the number of maintenance calls required over the lifecycle of the signage. Once the retrofit is complete, a single or small quantity of specialised LED “strip(s)”  power the sign as opposed to a network of florescent battens (floruros) as in traditional outdoor signage. The latter typically requiring replacement of individual battens on a frequent basis to maintain a consistent clear lighting of the sign. Less operating parts results in less maintenance call outs!

  • LED is Green

There are huge energy savings – an LED sign typically consume 80% less power.  There are also big green savings as LED does not contain any harsh chemicals such as mercury and argon which have environmental issues when disposed of.

  • Upgrading signage to LED is cheaper than full sign replacement

Retrofitting outdoor signage is a considerably cheaper option to complete sign replacement. There is no requirements to engage design and manufacturing suppliers. A retrofit simply involves replacement of the existing illumination mechanisms within the sign.

Coordinating the project:

Each project has it’s variables but here is our guide to upgrading outdoor signage.

Put together your project scope.

A tight project scope will eliminate your project from turning into an open cheque book project failure.
Gather supporting documents – existing plans and designs, maintenance spend data, photos and the like – all which greatly assist you throughout this and subsequent phases of the project.
Use the traditional why? what? where? when? how? and whom? approach.

Your project scope should answer these crucial questions:

Which signs you want to upgrade?
Why do the signs need upgrading and retrofit?
Are there likely branding changes to be introduced in the short term future?
Where are they? how many stores and locations do you have to upgrade?
How old are the signs and when is their forecasted end of life? Is there likely any structural issues?
Is there any additional works required/possible such as changing timer settings or banners?
Have you seen an upward trend in maintenance costs?
What is the project timeline to get all signs upgraded?
Who needs to sign off on the work within your business? financially? aesthetically? functionally?

Get a project quote and design documents for sign off.

Get in contact with Keece and send through your request details to: info@
Include – plans, work details, photos and any other documentation that will help us understand your project scope.

Outdoor signage upgrade detailed schmatic

Signage Schematics supplied as a part of upgrade

In return you will get:

  1. Detailed project design drawings and layout of the proposed LED scheme.
  2. A Quote for supply, fitting and commissioning.

Approve the rollout and watch the Keece team at work.

As each phases of the project is completed, we will supply you as built drawings and photos of the completed works and local sign off documentation.

Sit back knowing that you get 5 years warranty on our work.

Keece supply a five year warranty on all outdoor signage upgrades. Allowing you to rest easy knowing that your “well lit brand” is bright and protected.

Contact the Keece team at or 1800 537 537 and get your outdoor signage upgraded to LED!