“Blue” joins the electrical maintenance team!
Our national electrical maintenance team are excited to welcome John Duong to the team in the role of service coordinator. In his first month, with his aptitude for technology and systems, combined with his impressive communication and coordination skills, Blue has shown he is a gun recruit and an asset to the Keece team.

Johns day-to-day is a complicated balancing act of managing, coordinating and communication back and forth between, our customers’ facility management teams, and, their site contacts. Plus the Keece maintenance technicians and our network of certified subcontractors across regional Australia and New Zealand.

John has quickly learnt that the best-laid plans and schedules can be swiftly made obsolete when high priority reactive work orders come in and demand priority. A challenge “Blue” has shown he can take in his stride.

If you need commercial electrical maintenancereactive, routine or programmed rollout throughout Australia or New Zealand, get in contact with John and the rest of the team, by phone 1300 537 537 or email service@keece.com.au