Congratulations and celebrations in NZ!

GOLD…Not one, two but THREE Gold awards!

A huge congratulations for the recent New Zealand 2019 ‘Regional Master Builders of the Year’ awards which saw Precision Homes NZ (Precision Homes) take home two Gold awards and Harrison Lane beat the competition in $1.5M-2M to win Gold as well as ‘most sustainable house in Auckland’! Yes that’s correct, a total swag of three Gold gongs and ‘most sustainable’ in the 2019 awards for proprieties which Keece undertook the electrical contracting works – well done to all!

What’s ‘Regional Master Builders of the Year’ awards all about?

The best in building across New Zealand is celebrated at these annual ‘House of the Year’ awards and as described by Master Builders; “(t)his prestigious competition celebrates building excellence in New Zealand. It awards the best homes and builders and the craftsmanship behind them.” Gold is awarded to those elite entrants within the category “who achieve 90% of the available points and judged to be at least 80% above industry standard”. It’s a fantastic achievement.

Led by Director and Founder, Andrew Butts, Precision Homes and his team pride themselves on bespoke homes of the highest quality. This also runs through the veins of owners Laura Daly and Scott Munro of Harrison Lane who specialise in prestigious, rural and equestrian construction. Being awarded a Gold is a outstanding recognition that reinforces the world class excellence and quality that both Precision Homes and Harrison Lane delivers and have become so well known for throughout New Zealand.

Keece in NZ is extremely proud to be the electrical contractor of both Precision Homes and Harrison Lane and be involved in completing the electrical works on these award winning homes. The values of quality, commitment and exceptional pride are very much aligned with our values and can be clearly demonstrated throughout all aspects of these prestigious homes. I think you’ll agree with the judges, when you see these amazing homes.

And Gold goes to…

Builder – Precision Homes:

Builder – Harrison Lane:

See all of the entries and find out more here.

Congratulations! Well done on these awesome achievements, you and your teams should be extremely proud.

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