IoT now at the heart of Keece predictive asset maintenance management

Mark Snell and Peter Whalley from #simPRO IoT team demonstrating their new range of IoT units for building and asset monitoring

We’ve publically recognised the great advantages of our core job management platform #simPRO, being central to our Keece App Stack and #ISOCertifiedElectricalContracting system.

Well, this week the simPRO AU – IoT team come to Keece HQ in Melbourne and demonstrated how Keece can now provide integrated solutions to our customers for the management of:
– energy monitoring and consumption
– phase faulting
– temperature control and management (BMS monitoring)
– lighting quality
– much more (see image below)

The great advantage for our customer is the plug and play nature of these devices and the minimal setup time required for data capture and subsequent “notification/rule management” into our job management system. This means we can practically have a technician scheduled to the site before the issue develops. Leading to less asset down time, longer asset lifecycle and increased asset utilisation.

Keece has considerable experience installing national rollouts of new technology including IoT.

If you need building and asset data to control your facility management and energy spend, or to install technology across AU and NZ contact Keece today.