Is the electrical maintenance boon over?

Hard times on the horizon for electrical maintenance contractors.electrical maintenance contractors in demand

Recent news articles highlight that demand for electricians is rapidly on the rise. However, the news is not great across the entire industry. For those in the know, the growth throughout Australia and New Zealand is severely  splintered between those on the increase and those in decline.

  1. Project contractors are almost exclusively driving this latest demand. Driven by trending growth in construction and new project developments. Their workforce’s are currently in very high demand to keep construction schedules on track in demanding Australian and New Zealand markets.
  2. Electrical maintenance contractors conversely focus on reactive and service jobs. When something electrical stops working, you call a maintenance contractor. Their business is built on responding to these unplanned maintenance jobs. Arriving on site to fix any electrical issue as they occur. These reactive jobs and the workload created is on a step decline.

The team at Keece Electrical Service are not exempt. We service the needs of property and facility managers throughout Australia and New Zealand. We’ve seen the future, our systems are tracking the change.

Q. What created this river of work for electrical maintenance contractors?

commmercial elecctrician

A. The short answer – Light Globes!

For the past 20 years with increases in OHS regulations, the outsourcing of maintenance personnel, and a general work to rule culture, the reliance on electricians has grown dramatically. The growth in light globe jobs didn’t just  impact the commercial sector. Residential, industrial and government sectors all needed light in their lives.

The constant exchange, of ageing, short life cycle, inefficient, lamps and tubes. It’s been a river of work for small and large electrical maintenance contractors alike.

Fixing lights is big business – but the end is nigh.

Don’t upgrade your lights to LED – You’re killing our maintenance department!

As the electrical infrastructure on your property ages, naturally more breakdowns occur. The majority of breakdowns occur in lighting. We analysed two years of reactive maintenance requests logged by our property and facility management customers. Specifically comparing requests before and after LED lighting upgrades. The findings have validated our suspicions, upgrading lights to LED is killing our maintenance department.

The maintenance impact of upgrading to LED

 Traditional Lighting
Once upgraded to LED
Av. No# WO requests p/year p/property
7 - 8
2 - 3
> 65% reduction
% Lighting of total requests82%24%> 70% reduction
*based on standard commercial/retail property with showroom, storage, office and parking areas.

The savings post an LED Upgrade are staggering:

The data confirms our customers make huge savings in maintenance spend once an LED upgrade is completed.

  • Reduced callouts per year per property: 6
  • At an average maintenance callout of $170, minimum saving per property per year: $1020
  • Estimated savings per property per annum when energy savings included: $3500

The heading above is tongue and cheek, we want you to upgrade to LED. With a typical payback period of  just 24 – 30 months upgrading sites to LED is a no-brainer. The duration is even less with government incentives in Victoria, NSW and SA.  Contact us and we can give you a clear program for LED upgrade across your property group.

If you need globes changed we can have them changed in 24 hours guaranteed! and you will be doing your part to keep another maintenance technician employed and the boon times rolling on!