Pimping corridor lighting- NZ style!

Question: How do you assimilate a boring corridor into a trendy modern office?
Answer: Pimp it out using corridor lighting bling!

Our NZ team recently fitted out this high traffic, yet boring space, with some fantastic LED corridor lighting. Once the intricate installation of the 12 LED units was complete, the result was this awesome lighting pattern and 3D effect.

Feature Lights – bling for your walls!!

These feature lights exudes individuality. Their orb-like design casts a sharp beam in one, two, or three directions. When used in different combinations and settings varying effects and designs can be made. A well positioned individual unit, through to a clustered installation can transform any area into a unique design statement.

As shown below, this installation of 12 units transformed the space from dull and drab, into a glamorous thoroughfare. Bringing it inline with the rest of the modern office refurbishment.

This corridor lighting design and installation was a part of a much larger office refurbishment for a multinational tenant prior to their move in.

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