Keece – restoring power to some farms burnt out by Terang Bushfires.

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Keece Team heading to Terang to assist with restoration efforts

While the media spotlight has well and truly moved on from the April bush-fires in the Terang area, rebuilding and restoration continues.

Local farmers impacted by the tragedy continue restorations in rebuilding their critical infrastructure including sheds and fencing.  Connecting the newly constructed sheds to power and the subsequent fittout requirements for switchboards, lighting and general power is where Keece are providing their assistance.  

As a part of Keece community sponsorship  – on Monday week, a Keece electrical crew of six are heading off for three days, camping onsite to help with these efforts.  In addition to thanking our employees for their time away we would also like to thank our valued suppliers for their efforts in assisting us with this project:

Cetnaj Thomastown

Stay tuned for more news and photos once the team has completed the work.